A Little Difference to Your YuSheng


Thank you Chef Jimmy Chok for the following tips to make your Yusheng just a little different from usual if you are making your own.

1) Some plum sauce can be too thick and strong. You can consider adding some Mizkan sauce and Mirin to the Plum Sauce (recommended Woh Hup brand) for an added refreshing flavour and light sweet and sour taste.



2) Some Yusheng ingredients sold outside can contain too much colouring, salt, and preservatives. You can consider adding some dried fruits like cranberry and orange peel for that same sweetish taste as a healthier alternative.


3) Or even mushroom for some crunch.


4) The main ingredient in the Yusheng is ultimately the fish. Do not go stingy on it. Add some fish roe or caviar if you are feeling extravagent. Fresh salmon should have a consistent reddish colour with a shiny and dry surface. If it is going bad, there is a greyish slimy surface.


5) If the stores run out of 'golden pillow' crackers, the usual cornflakes with Japanese crackers could be other crispy options. It's less fattening too!

6) Some people choose to add cucumber of the green colour in your Yusheng. For a more authentic taste, just add green radish (rather than cucumber) along with your white radish and carrot.

If you want to be more creative, try adding Lavender or Hibicus essence for a floral and romantic feel to the Yusheng sauce. Have a sweet New Year!

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