Hog’s Breath Café – Keeps You Hungry for Aussie Steak & Ribs


Hog’s Breath Cafe’s philosophy is to “have fun and enjoy yourself”, and it is also the restaurant to enjoy Aussie steak and ribs.

It has been a long time since I have been to Chijmes for a meal, and I was surprised to hear loud cheers coming from a moderately crowded Hog’s Breath Café on a weekday evening. Oh yes, it was due to the screening of a rugby match between New South Wales and Queenslands.

How appropriate. Hog’s Breath Café was first opened way back in 1989 in Queensland Australia by founding partners Don Algie and Ginger White. It has since expanded to 75 outlets all over the world. The Hog’s Breath Café in Singapore’s Chijmes boasts a great atmosphere to wind down with friends after a hard day’s work.

Talking about friends, the Finger Food Combo ($22.95) – a sampler plate of potato skins, buffalo wings, crumbed chicken tenders and calamari, is real enjoyment. Usually when I order a platter like this, there are one or two items I may not fancy, but this plate has everything I like.

The salt and pepper dusted calamari dipped in the special Hog’s Breath honey mustard feels rather sinful, but it’s probably worth the calories.

The recommended prime rib steak comes with different options of toppings such as garlic mushroom, calamari, and avocado. I was recommended the garlic prawn ($36.95 for regular, $44.95) for Aussie size). The thick slab of steak came served with three huge prawns on top, with overflowing garlic and white wine cream sauce.

I would sometimes assume that you can only get good steaks at a top-notch expensive restaurant, but this dish proved me wrong. The meat was evenly cooked (still slightly pinkish, yet not too red), juicy, tasty but not overly fatty. Even though I ordered a regular size, the 200 gram portion was still too huge for me.

You cannot really come to a HOG’s Breath Café without trying its signature Smoke Pork BBQ Ribs ($26.95 for half rack), which is tenderly delicious in a special smoked BBQ sauce.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Mississippi Mud Cake ($13.95) which has a heavily guarded recipe since 1989, is impressive and irresistible. It comes ‘bleeding’ with chocolate sauce, served with ice cream on the side – thick, heavy, and moist. I use the word ‘bleeding’ because there is really an over-abundance of chocolate sauce.

*The above entry is an advertorial.

Hog’s Breath Café Giveaway
Hog’s Breath Café is giving away 15 sets of $30 Piggy Dollars to lucky Daniel’s Food Diary readers. All you need to do is to *likes* the FaceBook Page of Daniel’s Food Diary AND Share this post on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter.

Leave a comment below to say you have done so. Results will be announced on Friday 27th July 2012. Contest winners must furnish a Singapore postal address to receive the Piggy Dollars.

Note: Piggy Dollars come in denomination of $10 which can be redeemed with any purchase made over $30 from the a la carte menu. Multiple redemption allowed to every $30 spent. Subject to any other conditions which may be imposed by Hog’s Breath Café (Chijmes).

Hog’s Breath Café (Chijmes)
30 Victoria Street, #01-26/27 Chijmes, Singapore (City Hall MRT), Tel: +65 6338 1387
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 12:00am (last order 10:30pm)

*This entry is brought to you by Hog’s Breath Cafe.

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  21. Shirlene chang
    July 20, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    I have shared on Facebook the pictures really looks super tempting and delicous really hope I can win so I can go there to try the lovely steak…….

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  24. Poh Yun
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  25. admin
    July 30, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    Congrats to Kelvin Koh, Elaine Chang, Jason Seet, Hazel1908, Christine Sim, Siew Siew Lee , Zorana Tan, Sonia Lee, Alice Chin, Chee Yong De for winning a set of Hog’s Breath Cafe (Chjimes) Piggy dollars to enjoy your steaks and ribs! Pls drop me an email at DanielFoodDiary@gmail.com with your name & mailing address 😀

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  27. Tohj
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    This review look so fake lol. Advertorial indeed.

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