Keisuke Tokyo – Ramen Dining at Suntec City Mall


Chef Keisuke Takeda opened his fifth ramen outlet in Singapore at Suntec City Mall. Technically, it is his first – a move from his original Tokyo-styled branch at Millenia Walk. Fans craving for his crab stock ramen must be relieved it is back.

For those unfamiliar with Keisuke’s style, every store must have a different concept and is experimental, from the authentic style at Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel), ramen topped with fleshy drumstick at Tori King (Amara Hotel), diverse 5 different bowls at Four Seasons (Bugis Village) and Gyoza King (Orchid Hotel).

It is possible to love one, and not so much the other.

Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo is totally unlike his most popularTonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel. It is restaurant style, spacious with comfortable seats, more contemporary than rustic, and has quite a diverse menu. (The music is horrid though, think 90s radio ads jingle on constant replay.)

The size dish is not just about gyoza anymore! There is a Ramen Dog ($3.50) – Japanese style hotdog topped with chashu, fried noodles and teriyaki sauce, crab stock flavoured Ramen Gartin ($8.00), Deep Fried Prawn with mayonnaise ($8.00), Teriyaki Chicken ($8.00) and Deep Fried Chicken with spicy sauce and mixed leek ($8.00).

The waitress described that Singaporeans would like the Menchi Cutlet ($9.00), “Got pork, got chicken, and cut open the sauce will flow out. Juicy, Singaporeans will like.” True that.

I think most come for the Crab Stock Ramen ($13.90, $15.90 with egg, $18.90 with all toppings), the thick aromatic seafoody kani-flavoured stock makes it quite distinctive from any other ramen stocks in the local market, yet the broth is not too oily or heavy. The ajitama egg is deliciously flavourful, though noodles are of the thick kind, not exactly my personal favourite type of pairing.

My take is Chef could be taking a lighter slant on its broth this time, perhaps due to customers’ feedback. Personally, I would have preferred the soup to be more intense.

Whenever I go to Japan, I try all means to look for a fish-stock ramen, because it is not readily available in Singapore, or just not done well enough. To my surprise, a fried fish stock Niboshi Ramen ($13.90) is on Keisuke’s menu.

This version may please fans who enjoy a fish-based stock, but with a milder take. Still delicious in many ways, tender char siew with a balanced-tasting soup.

Keisuke has always been on the forefront for introducing ingredients not typically used in ramen – shrimp and crab are already good examples. Risk-taking and experimental. The new Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo treads somewhere in the middle, being family and masses-friendly, but compromising on the boldness that some of the other branches present.

Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo
Suntec City Mall Level 2 (above H&M)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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4 Responses to “Keisuke Tokyo – Ramen Dining at Suntec City Mall”

  1. Levin
    June 27, 2014 at 9:49 pm #

    Keisuke at Tokyo station (they only sell crab-based stock ramen there) has obligatory balls of real crab meat in their ramen. Does this have it?


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