Tang’s Steamboat Restaurant – “Huo Guo You Die”?


There were 42 reviews on Facebook for the unpublicized less than a month old Tang’s Steamboat Restaurant. Most diners gave it a 5* rating. A vote of confidence or something else?

Tang’s Steamboat Restaurant a Keong Saik Road is said to offer authentic Szechuan Steamboat with a wide variety of ingredients and specialties.

If there is no basis for comparison, I would say the experience at Tang’s Steamboat was not too bad.

The House Special Fish Soup was quite tasty, not overly salty, soothing, and prices not overly steep. $89++ for Premium Set for 2 pax of 11 courses, or $69++ for the Economic Set.

Unfortunately, there is Hai Di Lao, AND Beauty In The Pot AND Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant AND Hotpot Kingdom etc etc etc which were notches above the average hotpot restaurant. Which this happened to be.

There were some elements we liked – the fresh House Sliced Fish, the bite of the Homemade Meatball, and the texture of the Spinach Noodle.

What didn’t work was the thickness, or the better word was the thinness of all the meat slices, from the pork belly, Australia Wagyu to Striploin.

The pork belly slices were so non-substantial, they were almost translucent. When (presumably) the owner asked for feedback, and we told the truth, the defensive answer was, “The supplier said thinner was better.”

Well, not THIS thin.

The vegetable platter didn’t looking quite inspiring either.

Along with the sauces, we were handed cans of sesame oil which was strangely named “Huo Guo You Die”. Maybe the cans were also trying to imply something.

Tang’s Steamboat Restaurant
41 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089146
Tel: +65 6221 1760
Opening Hours: 11am – 12am (last order 11pm), Closed Mon

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