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The time to take a memory lane walk, and instagram does work like a photo album of sorts, especially when most of my posts come in a video form.

For those unaware, my instagram account @DanielFoodDiary comprises of mainly videos, even though videos take a bit long time to film, edit and upload (with occasional problems), and get less LIKES generally.

I started off wanting to show food in a different way, to present content different from the blog. I guess I am stubborn about that too.

So you can hit PLAY at any of the 9 posts below. Warning: A lot of food porn.

2015 Best Nine On Instagram for @DanielFoodDiary

Curly fries at Rosti Farm. Was kind of surprised this was my Number 1.

Curly fries are better than the straight ones. Agree, Disagree? http://danielfooddiary.com/2015/04/16/therostifarm/

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Matcha Churros Softserve at AmaSoy AmaSoy (now at Jurong Point L3) was one of the first to introduce churros on softserve here. I even did a youtube video which is available on @PinkyPiggu’s account.

Green tea crepe cake at Doi Chaang

Fried ice cream at 21 Cube Artisan Ice Cream. The servers were kind of surprised I went this close to shoot the entire process. No, they do not know who I am. I usually visit anonymously.

Macadamia Souffle at OSIA. This was ‘the moment’, but my friends purposefully wanted to have some fun with our food. Great times. Very spontaneous.

Macadamia Soufflé. With Crunchy Praline, Banana Custard and Sour Cream Ice. Well, Hello!

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Shibuya Toast at Dazzling Cafe. Ah-huh. When the 1st waitress came, I asked her to introduce the toast and she couldn’t! I wanted that Taiwan experience. Then, A Taiwanese waitress came up, and did this… (She ignored one of my questions though.)

Melon bingsu at Snowman Desserts. I specially requested to see the bingsu machine, wanted to see how it was done.

Chocolate cake…#RememberingLKY When Mr Lee passed on, the whole Singapore felt it. This piece was dedicated to the man who changed our lives. I kept it very quiet.

“He had a soft spot for chocolate cake…” We have learnt that one of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s favourite food was chocolate cake. My generation may have grown up not knowing very much about Singapore's founding father, what he liked, what he disliked, many of his policies not exactly documented in our history books – which we have memorised, and forgotten much. Where do we go from here? Thinking about it, there is a “LKY” in every one of us… The spirit to work hard, the love for family, the determination for success, the proficiency in languages, the harmony with friends from different races and religion, and more and more. Moving on, the best tribute to him, is to keep up with those positive traits Singapore has inculcated in us. As he moved on, I hope that he would be smiling at us from heaven, looking at the more united Singapore, with Mrs Lee enjoying his favourite chocolate cake. http://danielfooddiary.com/2015/03/29/rememberinglky #rememberinglky

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Wagyu beef bowl – Kinsa Sushi My attempt doing a flatlay + eggporn, with video!

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