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10 Reasons Why I Like Snapchat (And Why You Should Use It Too)

When I asked my polytechnic class how important Facebook is, the surprising (to some) answer was “Facebook is for old people!” The sudden realization of our wider than wide generation gap, and that many young people avoid certain social media precisely because their parents are on it. So what is next? Snapchat. Shap what? I […]

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The Food Blogger Went For A 7 Days Detox, And…

This food blogger went for a 7-Day Detox, and there are the results. First things first, why? The last half of 2014 was the time I saw tremendous weight gain, due to numerous food trips overseas, indulging when I went for buffets, and year-end festive celebrations. I could not find time to exercise properly, especially […]

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How Eating Right Can Help You Stay Stress-Free and Drug-Free

Original Entry at Live It Loud Website There are people who come to me and say, “Daniel, you are a food blogger, how come you can eat so much and can still stay in shape?” They are perhaps also slightly envious of how I managed to turn a hobby into a job. Like how everything […]

Continue Reading is Nominated for Best Food Blog of Singapore Blog Awards 2013!

Daniel’s Food Diary has been nominated as one of the top ten finalists in the Best Food Blog category of Singapore Blog Awards 2013! This is the 3rd time Daniel’s Food Diary has been nominated. Never won before. So hope that this will be my blessed year! If you like what you have been reading […]

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How On Earth Did A Food Blogger Become A Zumba Instructor?

Imagine this, in the afternoon you are at a food tasting session at a restaurant, savouring the best foods with arms holding a camera, almost burping at the sensational tastes. Right after that, you switch into your workout gear at the gym, dancing to the music with arms holding weights, and start instructing a Zumba […]

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How I Went from >75 to 72 kg in 4 days! Plus Before & After Pictures

Everybody should have somewhat of a weight limit. Mine’s 75kg. The recent weeks have been worse with friends saying, “You look kind of swollen”, “Have you stopped exercising?” and “Your face very round ah!” All right, I get the hint and did feel horrible about myself. It is true that I have exercised a lot […]

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Daniel’s Food Diary is Nominated for Best Food Blog of Singapore Blog Awards 2012!

Daniel’s Food Diary has been nominated as one of the top ten finalists in the Domino’s Best Food Blog category of Singapore Blog Awards 2012! Other than thanking for organising the competition and giving me this opportunity, I would like to thank Cuisine Paradise & MoonBerry for the nomination. And of course, all supporters […]

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What’s in a Food Blogger’s Bag?

People who happened to carry my bag say that it is a like bag of gold – weight-wise. Other than the fact that it is always freaking heavy, I would like to think that the items inside are very precious to me. Despite using this bag for about 5 years, some people still come up […]

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Are You On Instagram?

Other than Angry Birds, Draw Something and Words With Friends, the iPhone app that really got me hooked in Instagram. Instagram is a free photo sharing which allows users to take a photo and share with fellow followers. I would like to think it is ‘Photo-based Twitter’. Andriod users, if you haven’t heard, the app […]

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And My Valentine’s Day Date Is…

Before I go into the Valentine’s Day Date story, the long-story-short is that I auctioned my Valentine’s Day dinner date on and raised a decent sum of money for The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore. Some say I am very brave (I think the girls in this auction are braver). When Alvinology from […]

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