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10 New & Hot Restaurants Singapore Feb 2016 – The Empress Truly Loves Whitegrass

It’s only the 2nd month of the year, and we are seeing some luxurious style dining restaurants opening up in Singapore. Whitegrass helmed by Chef Sam Aisbett previously from Tetsuya’s and Quay, Angeleno by Chef David Almany, and Empress launched by the Privé Group. Some restaurants are also diversifying by opening up sisters concept: Sushi […]

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Angeleno – Chef David Almany From Osteria Mozza Helms His Own

“This taste just as good as Osteria Mozza’s.” It was before we realised that the chef in the kitchen of Italian-American restaurant Angelego is David Almany, previous head chef of Osteria Mozza at MBS. As he walked out of the kitchen just before the dessert, I thought, “He looks familiar.” It was a random choice […]

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