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Atrium Restaurant – New Buffet Restaurant At Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

It has been a while since I returned to Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, and realised that the hotel has been newly-refurnished, from the lobby, rooms to the restaurant. The buffet restaurant used to be known as Melting Pot Café, and has been updated to be known as Atrium Restaurant, an all-day dining venue. I would […]

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60 Best Hotel Buffets In Singapore – The Ultimate Buffet Guide

[Updated Dec 2015] 60 of the best Hotel Buffets & Sunday Brunches in Singapore. I tried my best to include have everything under one page – restaurants offering all-you-can you international and Asian buffets and champagne brunches, prices, listed by location, with reservation buttons. (Read this list for the 10 Best Hotel Buffets & Sunday […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Overeating at The Buffet Restaurant

Do you both love and hate buffets – love the variety and choice of food, but hate the feeling of overeating, with a sense of guilty and feeling plumpish at the same time. Not a good feeling to have, right? (Read: 60 Best Hotel Buffets In Singapore) How to avoid overeating at the buffet restaurant? […]

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