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Prima Taste LaMian – Same Great Taste, Healthier With Wholegrain LaMian

Some of you may have experienced overseas friends asking to send some Prima Taste Laksa LaMian over, so that they can continue to get a taste of home thousands of miles away. Don’t you just loooooove the laksa gravy and noodle texture? This popular instant LaMian just got healthier, with a Wholegrain LaMian version. Serious. […]

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The Airfryer Review – I Believe I Can Fry

There are two things that are stopping me from getting that gym-fit figure – bubble tea and deep fried food. Both I am not prepared to give up yet. Not when an airfryer just landed in my kitchen. Disclosure: I did not receive payment for this review. Neither Philips nor any frozen food products/supermarket sponsored […]

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