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16 Best Korean Fried Chicken In Singapore – So Good You Can’t Stop!

Korean Fried Chicken, KFC, Chimaek, 치킨 … they continue to enjoy great popularity in Singapore, as the chain shops expand, and new shops keep coming. So where is the best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore? After the last viral post on 5 Best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore, I thought the list needed some updating, […]

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Ssiksin Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken with Crunchy Skin Juicy Meat + Giveaway!

Say Chimaek! Korean Fried Chicken continues to be widely sought after in Singapore, for their crackly battered skins and juicy meat. Now THIS New Korean Fried Chicken looks set to be the NEXT brand that will get some popularity. 맛있는. Ssiksin Chicken is located at Serangoon NEX, right next to Korean BBQ Buffet place Daessiksin, […]

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